Palm oil is one of the most basic commodities in the world and it is found in many edible and non-edible products. Palm oil is the world’s second most consumed edible oil and accounts for 30% of the global edible oil market. Global demand has increased vastly and a recent study has shown that 10-15% of products in any grocery shop will contain some form of palm oil.

About 90% of the world’s palm oil is utilized in edible applications in a variety of food products. Crude Palm Oil (CPO) when refined (RBD Palm Olein), is popular as a cooking and frying oil, shortening and vanaspati as well as a minor component in fat blends.Palm oil also has a high solid glyceride content which gives it a desirable consistency with hydrogenation, making it a popular choice in manufactured food products.

As a major importer, exporter, supplier and manufacturer of palm oil, palm olein, palm refined products and oleo chemicals, Agritrade has a significant market presence in the palm oil industry with a well-established customer base worldwide in countries that include India, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil on Earth, accounting for 65 percent of all vegetable oil traded internationally.Over 63.88 million metric tonnes of Palm Oil was produced and that's set to double by 2020, due to the world's population increasing, becoming wealthier and consuming more manucfactured goods containing palm oil.Biggest consumers are India and China (These 2 countries are also Agritrade's largest destination countries)

Process Flow


Every supplier will undergo risk profiling analysis on hiring and management practices, including risk assessment

95% plantation and oil mills owners with Agritrade have a clean record for the past 5 years

Trade with owners who sourced through segregated sources and have demonstrated responsibility to grow new plantings

Green Governance Policy

  • Always ensure a traceable and transparent supply chain.
  • Always ensure protection of the right of the community and the            worker on the ground.
  • Always perform environmental practices due diligence on every          owner/client/supplier.
  • Always endeavor to contribute back to the community.

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