In line with our vision to become the premier commodities trading house in Asia with integrated supply chain solutions from original source of commodities, processing, logistics, and extending to the trading and delivery of commodities, Agritrade has been actively involved in building up a cost-effective, reliable, and timely logistics fleet to cope with the many logistic demands of its customers worldwide.

Agritrade’s Logistics Division now owns and operates a fleet of tugboat and barges to transport its commodities around South East Asia. As of 2009, Agritrade has 15 sets of tugboat and barges fully operational and running. By 2010, Agritrade expects to have approximately 30 sets of tug and barges. In addition to its fleet of tug and barges, Agritrade also owns two dry bulk carriers, a 35,000 MT DWT, MV Komodo and a 25,000 MT DWT, MV Suryatama, to assist in the larger logistic operations.

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