Palm oil is one of the most basic commodities in the world and it is found in many edible and non-edible products. Palm oil is the world’s second most consumed edible oil and accounts for 30% of the global edible oil market. Global demand has increased vastly and a recent study has shown that 10-15% of products in any grocery shop will contain some form of palm oil. About 90% of the world’s palm oil is utilized in edible applications in a variety of food products. Crude Palm Oil (CPO) when refined (RBD Palm Olein), is popular as a cooking and frying oil, shortening and vanaspati as well as a minor component in fat blends. Palm oil also has a high solid glyceride content which gives it a desirable consistency with hydrogenation, making it a popular choice in manufactured food products.

As a major importer, exporter, supplier and manufacturer of palm oil, palm olein, palm refined products and oleo chemicals, Agritrade has a significant market presence in the palm oil industry with a well-established customer base worldwide in countries that include India, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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