More than 40% of global electricity generation is coal-based and it will be the second largest source of energy in the long run.Global coal demand is expected to increase to over 50% of global production.Chinese coal demand is projected to increase to over 50% of global production.The IEA expects India to overtake the United States as the second largest coal consumer before 2020 and surpass China as the world's largest coal importer soon thereafter.

The coal mines currently produce up to 100,000 MT of coal with the current logistics and facilities and have the capacity to produce up to 1 million MT and more with the right logistics support, infrastructure and facilities in place. Most of the coal is sold to power plants since the nature of the coal is of a low calorific value and is best suited for generating electricity.

Agritrade has its own logistic department that undertakes all the transportation needs in the coal division. Our fleet of tugs and barges are readily available for the huge operations which involve the transportation of coal from the mines to the vessels or direct to the power plants.

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